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Evergreen Media Europe Ltd


Evergreen Media Europe offers Film & Television Production, Direction services and Digital Cinema Camera Equipment. Founded in 1999, EME has been working internationally in Television Industry and registered in England under the company no. 7206777.

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Production & Direction Services

Top EME Kits.

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1.2K HMI Kit

Starting at £90.00/day

2.5K HMI Kit

Starting at £130.00/day

4K HMI Kit

Starting at £200.00/day

575W HMI Kit

Starting at £70.00/day

Arri Fresnel Light 3 Heads Kit

Starting at £30.00/day

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

Starting at £70.00/day

Blackmagic Ursa 4K

Starting at £110.00/day

Canon EF USM Lenses Set

Starting at £50.00/day

Cool LED 1000 & 1900 lights panel Kit

Starting at £50.00/day

Cool LED 600 (battery) Light Panel

Starting at £30.00/day

GoPro Hero 5

Starting at £35.00/day

Jib 14ft with Pan Tilt Head

Starting at £120.00/day

Kino Flo Diva­Lite 400 Universal

Starting at £45.00/day

Kino Flo Foto Flo 400 Cine

Starting at £60.00/day

Libec Curved Rails CR-90

Starting at £20.00/day

Libec Jib Arm Kit hire

Starting at £80.00/day

Libec Tracking Dolly and Rails hire

Starting at £110.00/day

Red Epic Dragon 6K

Starting at £410.00/day

Zeiss CP2 Super speed Cine Lenses Set

Starting at £160.00/day

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